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Email & SMS Services

Email, SMS are the most essential automated and manual communication way of any online portal and for business operation.


Give your customer a corporate feelings. Customer will feel safe and secure


Entire conversation will be recorded and can be used for any legal matters

Easy to Access

No rocket science is needed you can, also used.No technical knowledge is required.


We take care of everything.

Email Marketing

The subscriber email list will be used for marketing with different technique

Corporate Email Set-up

Your own domain name will be used for email, the email will be distributed through your own setup.

Email Branding

Email pages will be designed for different purpose and will be used to automate the boarding process

Bulk SMS

Bulk sms at affordable price with 100% reachable checkup and portal set-up.

SMS Campaign

Special Marketing sms will be forwarded to our targeted customer with the portal, where we can increase our sales


Automation with Website and app. Flow design for customer conversion and reminder set-up etc.

We cover these following features


Email & SMS Portal set-up

Professional email and SMS server setup, configuration with your online portal for smooth operation. The following things, we will do for you.

  Set-up, Integration, Configuration


  Content management

  Corporate Email and SMS Registration

  Guideline Set-up

Email & SMS Marketing

The entire process will be carried out by our experts to generate and increase your sales. The following things we will take care of

  Portal Branding

  Customer Flow Automation

  Subscription Management

  Support Management

  Alert Management

  All Dept. Management

  Analytics Set-up

  Conversion Mapping


Compare Plans


Minimum essentials

Save 54%


Minimum QuarterlyBilling

?7999/mo For half-yearly


 2 Corporate Email

 1 Domain name

 5000 SMS

Best Value


For SMB Company

Save 67%


Minimum Quarterly Billing

?45999/mo For half-yearly

All features of Bootstrap package


 5 Email


 Analytics configuration

 10000 SMS

From Starting Special

Corporate package

For corporate Companies

Save 81%


Minimum Quarterly Billing

?95999/mo For half-yearly

All features of Growing package

 Integration with website and CRM

 User Flow design Distribution

 50000 SMS

 20 Email ID